Zenit rubrica su pase a octavos y deja al Lyon pendiente de un milagro

El Zenit de San Petersburgo cabalga con brío en la Liga de Campeones al clasificarse para los octavos de final después de lograr su cuarta victoria consecutiva y dejar al Lyon a expensas de un milagro.

Zenit rubrica su pase a octavos y deja al Lyon pendiente de un milagro

Roma gana al Leverkusen y reaviva sus opciones

El Roma se impuso ante un Bayer Leverkusen que, pese a protagonizar una rápida remontada, acabó con un hombre menos y derrotado por un penalti postrero de Pjanic, que permitió a su equipo seguir pensando en los octavos de final de Liga de Campeones.

Roma gana al Leverkusen y reaviva sus opciones

El Oporto da un nuevo paso hacia los octavos con una plácida victoria

El Oporto dio un paso casi definitivo hacia los octavos de final de la Liga de Campeones, tras imponerse este miércoles por 1-3 al Maccabi de Tel-Aviv, en un cómodo encuentro para los del español Julen Lopetegui, que dispusieron de ocasiones para haber logrado un marcador todavía mayor.

El Oporto da un nuevo paso hacia los octavos con una plácida victoria

Senate backs resolution to get rid of EPA clean water rules

WASHINGTON — Despite White House objections, the Senate voted for a resolution Wednesday to scrap new federal rules to protect smaller streams, tributaries and wetlands from development and pollution.

Senators voted 53-44 in favor of a “resolution of disapproval,” a measure that would void the regulations if also passed by the House and signed by the president. The White House has already said it would veto the resolution.

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats blocked a separate bill that would have required the agencies to withdraw and rewrite the rules. The House had passed similar legislation.

The Obama administration says the rules issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in May would safeguard drinking water for 117 million Americans. In its veto threat, the White House said that more than 1 in 3 Americans get their drinking water from rivers, lakes and reservoirs that are at risk of pollution from upstream sources.

Republicans and some rural Democrats say the regulations are costly, confusing and a government power grab, giving federal regulators unprecedented control of small bodies of water on private land.

“This rule harms not only landowners, but our entire agriculture industry in Georgia,” Sen. Johnny Isakson said in a news release. “I applaud the Senate passage of Sen. (Joni) Ernst’s resolution.”

Ernst of Iowa is the Republican sponsor of the resolution.

“I’ve heard from constituents across the state of Iowa who have grave concerns with the ambiguity of this rule,” Ernst said. “They are holding off on making conservation improvements to their land, for fear of being later found out of compliance.”

Federal courts have already put the regulations on hold as they consider a number of lawsuits against the water regulations.
“We are disappointed that Georgia senators have voted to disapprove this important and needed rule,” said Jason Ulseth, the lead river protection advocate and spokesman for the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.

He dismissed the land grab argument.

“This rule simply clarifies what waters are deserving of protection … and is critically needed to help EPA do its job and protect our waterways,” Ulseth said.

The rules clarify which smaller waterways fall under federal protection after two Supreme Court rulings left the reach of the Clean Water Act uncertain. Those decisions in 2001 and 2006 left 60 percent of the nation’s streams and millions of acres of wetlands without clear federal protection, according to the EPA, causing confusion for landowners and government officials.

The EPA says the new rules would force a permitting process only if a business or landowner took steps that would pollute or destroy the affected waters — those with a “direct and significant” connection to larger bodies of water downstream that are already protected. For example, that could include tributaries that show evidence of flowing water.

Farm and business groups are among the rules’ chief opponents, and more than half the states have sued the government in an attempt to block them. Officials from states including Georgia, New Mexico and Wisconsin have suggested the regulations could be harmful to farmers and landowners who might have to pay for extra permits, face work delays or redesign their property to manage small bodies of water on their private land.

“The last thing that (farmers) need is another mandate, another long reach of the federal arm of government down on their land to try to control every drop of water that falls on their property,” Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black said in a video released by Isakson and Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga. “That’s why I’m so adamantly opposed to and deeply concerned about this outreach of the federal government.”

The EPA has argued the criticism is overblown. Since the rules were originally proposed last year, the agency has been working to clear up some misconceptions, like some critics’ assertions that average backyard puddles would be regulated. Current exemptions from the Clean Water Act for farming practices, including plowing, seeding and the movement of livestock, among other things, will continue.

Senate backs resolution to get rid of EPA clean water rules

Buford homebuilding company bought by Clayton

A Tennessee-based homebuilding group has purchased Chafin Communities, located in Buford, in a deal that includes about 1,100 developed, undeveloped and contracted building lots.

A subsidiary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Clayton homebuilding group will keep Chafin Communities founders and brothers Eric and Daryl Chafin in leadership roles, as well as the 24 people already employed there during the transition.

“This is a monumental achievement and a win-win for both groups,” Eric Chafin said. “We are excited to be a part of Clayton and to share in their culture and values. We are a family-owned business with great family values, and so is Clayton. The partnership makes sense.”

His brother agreed, adding that “there is a great upside in growth potential when you become part of something as big as the Clayton homebuilding group.”

Clayton has been in business since 1956. Through its affiliates and family of brands, Clayton builds, sells, finances, leases and insures manufactured homes, modular homes and site built homes, as well as commercial and educational buildings.

“We are excited about this acquisition,” said Keith Holdbrooks, president of Clayton homebuilding group. “It means that we are expanding our home offerings to include all types of housing, so we will be answering more lifestyle needs for different types of families.”

Added Holdbrooks: “Chafin Communities has an excellent reputation and book of business in the North Atlanta area. Partnering with Eric and Daryl Chafin is a huge win for us. We are honored to be part of Chafin Homebuilders and extremely proud to have them on our team.”

Clayton is a vertically integrated Berkshire Hathaway company. A real estate brokerage network, Berkshire Hathaway is a joint venture of HomeServices of America Inc., the nation’s second-largest, full-service residential brokerage firm.

Buford homebuilding company bought by Clayton

William salva al Chelsea y Mourinho su primer ‘match ball’

El Chelsea, gracias a un libre directo de Willian a falta de siete minutos para el final, logró hoy una victoria agónica sobre el Dínamo Kiev (2-1) que le deja en segunda posición del grupo G de la Liga de Campeones por detrás del Oporto y permite a José Mourinho salvar su primer ‘match ball’.

William salva al Chelsea y Mourinho su primer ‘match ball’

Felipe Pardo acerca a Olympiacos a octavos con un rescate agónico

Un doblete al Dinamo de Zagreb del colombiano del Olympiacos Felipe Pardo, que salió desde el banquillo en la segunda parte para rescatar a su equipo, fue determinante para la victoria por 2-1 del conjunto griego, a un paso de los octavos de final de la Liga de Campeones tras disputar las cuatro primeras jornadas de la fase de grupos.

Felipe Pardo acerca a Olympiacos a octavos con un rescate agónico

Neymar y Suárez llevan al Barça a las puertas de los octavos de final

La clarividencia de Andrés Iniesta y de Sergio Busquets y la letal conexión de Luis Suárez, autor de un gol, y de Neymar Jr., que marcó otros dos, llevó el Barça a la goleada ante el Bate Borisov (3-0) que le deja a las puertas de los octavos de final de la Champions.

Neymar y Suárez llevan al Barça a las puertas de los octavos de final

El Gante se mete en lucha por segunda plaza ante un Valencia deprimente

El Valencia perdió en su visita a Gante por 1-0 y permitió al conjunto belga meterse en la lucha por la segunda plaza del grupo, tras un encuentro en el que los locales fueron muy superiores, sobre todo en la primera mitad.

El Gante se mete en lucha por segunda plaza ante un Valencia deprimente